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Aether Eternius  Adventure · Fantasy ·  PG-16

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Tasked with the restoration of the Elemental Planes, three friends are learning that to fix the problem, they need to break the world further first.

Monster Soup  Action · Fantasy · Horror ·  Mature

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Ingredients: ghost, werewolf, witch, vampire, zombie. Combine in a large castle and chill before serving.

MoonSlayer  Action · Drama · Fantasy ·  PG-16

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Cursed from birth by a vengeful moon goddess, a feisty princess must master the art of battle and the lore of the gods if she wants to challenge her fate.

My Hero!  Adventure · Comedy · Fantasy ·  PG-16

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Hasera wished to work with her girlhood crush to defend Alteria from danger. She should have wished for a sundae.

Sneaky Goblins  Adventure · Comedy · Fantasy ·  Everyone

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A dropout from assassin school is sent on an impossible quest. Created in the spirit of Warcraft, The Hobbit and Adventure Time.

Paisley Brickstone  Comedy · Drama · Horror ·  PG-16

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Harvey Mammaroth has been tasked with a mission: deliver a classmates love letter to the most popular girl in school. And he will fulfill that task even if ...